Training services for companies


It is an unfortunate sign of the times that financial constraints or operational changes can inevitably result in loyal employees and friends losing their job and subsequently their income.


This can be a very traumatic time for an individual having the uncertainty of how to replace the role and income they have just lost. For many people the entire job search and interview process can be a daunting, confusing, and highly frustrating proposition.


As a company we feel sure that you want to offer employees affected by this unfortunate situation the very best of help and advice to quickly re-establish themselves back into the work place without too much of a hiatus. Being unemployed for any length of time generates its own financial stress and urgencies and can perpetuate a feeling of anxiety and hopelessness.


We believe that your employees could benefit from our friendly, easy to absorb training style which will give them every tool they are going to need to get back in the work place.


So... what does that involve?


Xquisite will visit your premises and conduct our course, “A guide to re-employment”, which we can organise either for groups or on a one to one basis to meet the needs of the individual. We have numerous testimonials from happy, successful candidates who have found the course motivating, inspiring and extremely informative.


What does the course cover?


The short answer is everything! But specifically it will include the following:

  • CV’s : what constitutes a good CV, how to make your CV stand out and be noticed for the right reasons
  • Job Boards : what they are, how to use them and get the best out of them, how to attract employers to your CV and get your CV in front of as many decision makers as possible.
  • Job Search : How to conduct a job search correctly and specifically.
  • Job Alerts: How to get the system working for you 24/7
  • Recruitment agencies: How to get the best out of them
  • Unadvertised jobs: How to go fishing in what is a very vibrant stream!
  • Network Marketing: How to tell everybody out there what your skills sets are, and how you could add value to their company!
  • Introductory letters. Applying via adverts or Job Boards ~ everything you need to do to generate an interview.
  • Interview preparation: How to make the right impression
  • The Interview: How to conduct yourself, do’s and dont’s
  • Questions: How to reply, how to answer Leftfield questions!
  • Closing an interview: How to be remembered, how to leave the right impression.

Courses can be arranged quickly and at anytime to suit your employees and the duration is usually around three hours. We can show you numerous success testimonials following the many courses we have presided over.


Contact us for a quote for your staff group. Prices are dependent on your requirements - staff numbers, location etc.


All delegates attending our courses will also receive a copy of our easy to read EBook, RRP £24.99, which is the perfect accompaniment the course.


For further information or bookings, call us now on 01227 712472


Important Information: 


We will require a £10 per person deposit, and the remainder payable on registration prior to the commencement of the course. It cannot be paid retrospectively.


All attendees must be on site 15 mins prior to the course start time, as it is unfair to have to take people back over something we’ve covered to accommodate late comers.


Any latecomers will be re-booked for the next available course.


Whilst many of the courses may be held in licensed premises like Hotels etc, we ask that no alcohol is consumed prior to the course starting, this is for your benefit and ours.


Companies wishing to use our training service for their staff who will be losing their jobs = price on application dependent on numbers and location.