Xquisite Training is our training division.


We have extensive experience in the Recruitment Industry across every sector. In addition to our recruitment business we also offer comprehensive, straight forward, easy to absorb advice, for people seeking work, via our Training Courses, available for both groups and individuals.

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People who have taken our courses have been delighted with the results. Previously they may have felt daunted by the search for new employment. Our training has enabled them to change their approach and go on to achieve success. See testimonials.  


Each course includes fully detailed course notes written in exactly the same order as the course, and including every piece of information from the course, supplied in our structured, easy to read EBook, which can also be purchased separately.  


Courses can take place at our premises in East Kent, at a location of your choice, or via Skype.

Companies use us to support staff facing company closure or redundancies, with essential training. Our courses are proven to make a positive difference.


Private individuals also book courses with us directly, when they feel the need of some support and direction with their job hunting.


In cases where face to face training is not practical or desired, we can also offer our EBook, Guide to Successful Employment, which contains every tool an individual needs to either return to the workplace or change career. 


Three Xquisite Training Options – Four  Xquisite ways to achieve the ultimate Goal - Employment!

  1. Training courses for individuals.
  2. Coaching  and courses delivered remotely via Skype
  3. Training service for companies. 
  4. Ebook – The Guide to Successful Employment.