Out of the wind...into the sun

Christmas approaches, and as the New Year sits patiently waiting to make a spectacular entrance, we at Xquisite Recruitment can reflect on where we are today, in contrast to where we were as we approached Christmas last year.

Paul Clayton portait

This time last year to say that we were, to quote a Gloucestershire Euphemism in “the soft end of the farmyard, would be like describing the weather in the Arctic Circle as “a bit taters”.


A client hadn’t paid us, and whilst still suffering the effects of the recession, life was exceptionally grim. It was quite simply an ongoing nightmare with no apparent end, money not coming in quick enough to keep us afloat. We had a budget of £10 each for Christmas presents.


The storms in January ripped off part of our roof, and deposited it, on a neighbour’s roof 40 yds. away. With no protection the rain blasted our rooms into oblivion, walls growing their own fauna and flora, the smell of rotting wallpaper, carpets, hanging in the air.


The insurance company dodged and weaved better than Muhammad Ali, firstly “it wasn’t storm damage” Really??….how did our roof take flight to where it remains today, 40 yards away? Fatima Whitbread couldn’t have thrown it that far!


Weeks had turned into months and still they danced around the issues, they would have got a 10 from Len for their side step alone.

The bottom line is, they didn’t pay up, and we had to find the money to rectify our home.


The one thing nobody could take from us was our belief in our skills and services, and a determination to never give up, and I would say the same to anyone or any company going through the same, have belief, and never ever give up.


This Christmas we are truly blessed; the ludicrous long hours spent working, our unrelenting tenacity, our focus on our core principle of always giving the client a fabulous professional experience, through listening carefully to their requirement, and only forwarding CV’s of the correct calibre that closely mirror and match the client’s specification, has put the happy back into happy Christmas, albeit with a small h.


However other people, new clients who had the trust to give us that first opportunity, and are delighted with our service, and some excellent new suppliers who have supplied our business, have also made this a significantly more enjoyable year.


 I am going to mention some of them by name as our recognition for the contribution they have made in making our work and life easier and enjoyable.


I was given their names when I asked the good people of the Broadstairs forum for suggestions when we needed various services, you recommended them and you were right, thank you people of Broadstairs


Xquisite’s strap line is “Sheer Xpertise”, which says everything about us, it is our “Sheer Xpertise” in recruitment that sets us apart from our competition


In true Oscar fashion we are going to award the following people and services with our mention of their “Sheer Xpertise”.


Firstly, Roofing expert John Allen, who did a fantastic job on our roof where others had failed (but charged me anyway!)


Mark White of Comdec painting and decorating services. For repairing and redecorating the rooms and bringing our house back to life. His professionalism and his standard of work second to none.


Neil Jordan of Magic IT. First came to us when our systems crashed. Through his professional knowledge and unflappable calm manner, has managed to give us poor techno numpties the confidence that whatever happens, Neil will sort it out. Truly Magic I.T.


Lorraine Williams, Marketing and Communications specialistLorraine has worked with us, and extremely hard for us, in producing our new website in which we are extremely proud, and for re-branding us in line with our business tenets. Several web designers and Marketeers, came and went, usually because they didn’t listen as to what we are about, or what we are trying to portray as a company.


Lorraine’s endless patience in getting our colour scheme right to reflect our “shine and sparkle” against our solid foundation was admirable. Lorraine took the time to know what we are about and truly reflect that. You will know what to expect from Xquisite Recruitment by looking at our website.


Lorraine will also be helping establish Xquisite’s social media presence.


Our good friends Lee & Helen Beech of B & C Photography who expertly managed to capture the image we wish to portray, that also can tell the story of Xquisite as every good picture does.


And finally My Fur Lady the dog groomers in St Peters who have made Alfie our giant Labradoodle smell like a bouquet of roses, as opposed to the Zoo Keepers Boots, his usual cologne.


And to all the new clients who came to us this year via recommendation, or liked what they read and wanted to give us that first chance to recruit for their company, and to all the existing clients who know and trust what Xquisite is about and come to us as a first choice, we say, thank you all so very much it is very much appreciated, we look forward to the opportunity of being at your service in the New Year, and if you haven’t used us before, were looking forward to hearing from you.


So, who would your service recommendations be for 2014, who could you recommend? 


Please everyone comment on this my first Blog, any tips for a new blogee?


I would also appreciate you looking at our website, sharing and giving your feedback